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Storage tool for eg. paper, crisco, poppers.


Storage tool apply on our Steeltoys slingframe.

for eg. paper, crisco, poppers.

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Do you know those awkward flabby trays that fall from the frame over and over again. hop everything on the ground again?

Not with our Steeltoys handy storage aid.

This storage aid simply slides over the bottom bar, after which the upper fits again.

So no hassle with clamps and wing nuts but just while setting up the frame over the rod

slide and then just continue building with the next rod.

As a result, this storage aid can not fall or fall off.

This storage aid is therefore always at the correct height and can have a lot of weight.

A roll of kitchen paper can easily be placed on this.

Provided with 2 compartments for different types of poppers,

1 compartment for both a Crisco can and a bottle of J-jube.

There are four eyes around which a carbine hook can be clicked for eg buoys, whip or blindfold.

Powder coated in the color: Black

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Price €7.95
In Stock

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