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Chain set 5 point-sling
  • Chain set 5 point-sling
  • Chain set 5 point-sling
  • Chain set 5 point-sling
  • Chain set 5 point-sling

Chain SET 5-point-sling in frame with 11 carabiners


Chain SET for 5 point-sling in frame including 11 carabiners. ( Galvanised )

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With this galvanised chain SET you can easily hang a 5-point sling in a frame.

SET consists of 4 chains of 1 meter and 1 chain of 1.5 meters

and 11 carbine hooks that you need to hang your sling and 2 leg loops.

The 4 chains of 1 meter go from the 4 corner points in the frame to the sling eyes.

The 1.5 meter chain goes from the 2 rear corner points to the sling eye of the neck part.

Everything is loose € 59.95 As SET -20% cheaper so € 47.96

Our advice for the suspension is to click on the 4 suspension points in the frame a carbine hook, then the chain through the sling-eyes to pick up, loop up and click on a height with a carbine hook. This way you can easily adjust the height without the chains rattling at the tops. If someone then lies down in the sling, all the weight is in the center of the frame and there is hardly any rattling of the chains.

Product Details
Kettingset 5 punts sling

Advies om de kettingen op te hangen in het frame voor een 5 punts sling.

Download (335.22KB)
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